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Kovalchuk Signs With New Jersey, Avs Win

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Prized NHL free agent Ilya Kovalchuk re-signed with the New Jersey Devils today, taking the biggest name off the market and smashing the very faint fantasies of Avalanche fans everywhere.


Well Avs fans, we may have lucked out. Early reports are suggesting that "Kovie" turned down a 15-year deal worth $80 million from Los Angeles. That's right, one of the biggest markets in the country offered a contract through 2025 and it was declined for what must be an even more ludicrous contract from Jersey. Not only are these offers incredibly stupid, they are franchise crippling. Even if the money per year is less than expected, the sheer length of this contract makes it a losing proposition for any team, especially when talking about a 27 year old player known for his sheer offensive ability and not much else.


Many have complained about the lack of free agent dabbling with such a significant amount of cap space, but this is one situation where you are happier dodging the bullet. I'll wager the Devils regret this contract somewhere in 2015, with only 10 more years remaining.


UPDATE: Kovalchuk signs for 17-year deal worth over $100million. Wow. Words fail me.