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That's Game, Rapids Escape With A 1-1 Draw

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the Rapids made one boneheaded move on defense that ended up in a goal for the opposition, while at the same time playing torrid offense just about all game long. Sounds like the formula for the past couple of games, huh? The Rapids were lucky to get a goal in the 75th minute to equalize, and will have to settle for a 1-1 draw at home, a game that they really should have won.

The game started pathetically for the Rapids offensively, as they only got three shots toward the goal in the first half, none of them actually hitting the goalkeeper or even the post. Pablo Mastroeni took a decent ball from Colin Clark and hit the side netting, the only shot they had that was even close for the first 60-ish minutes of play. Davy Arnaud got a breakaway as the entire Rapids defense set up behind him and he beat the offsides trap to get a quick shot past Matt Pickens for the first and only KC goal of the game.

Jamie Smith came in for Mehdi Ballouchy to start the second half and was mostly invisible throughout the rest of the game, getting only one real chance at goal that deflected off his foot toward Conor Casey, who was too far in front of the ball to play it in the box. In the 75th minute, the Rapids finally got a break as Casey got a good enough look on the ball to keep it on his foot for a good chunk of time and blast it into the net for the only Rapids goal.

In the 88th minute Casey blew one of the easiest chances he’ll ever have in his life, beating the goalkeeper and everyone on the defense but hitting the post while he shot left-footed. The Rapids should have won this game, but in the same fashion they’ve been dropping games all year, the finishing just wasn’t there.

Kansas City wound up outshooting the Rapids in this game by a boatload, as they hit 12 shots including several that Matt Pickens had to make fantastic saves on. The Rapids should be happy to get out with a draw, but they cannot settle for these sorts of games any longer.

Kansas City still hasn't won in Denver since 2004.