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Halftime: Kansas City 1, Colorado 0

In a familiar scene to the last game against Toronto, the Rapids have had absolutely zero offensive chemistry in the first half and gave up a goal on a boneheaded defensive error.

The Rapids only wound up with a small handful of shots toward goal throughout the half, and none of their shots were actually on goal. The best chance came from captain Pablo Mastroeni, as he put one into the side netting off a pass in the box from Colin Clark. Clark was more of a liability than a help throughout the first half besides that one play, getting his first start in ages at Left wing.

KC’s lone goal came from a breakaway shot by Davy Arnaud in the 20th minute that Matt Pickens couldn’t get a hand on as he tried to make a sliding save. Danny Earls subbed on for Scott Palgua in the 44th minute.