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Peaks And Valleys - July 14 Home-Field Advantage Edition

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So did anyone else watch the end of the National League's 13-year run of futility last night? The lack of July sporting events is really wearing thin, but at least the MLB All-Star Game wasn't terrible. Which leads us to...


-Ubaldo Jimenez does Colorado proud. In the first ever All-Star Game started by a Rockies pitcher, Jimenez was effective in throwing two scoreless innings, allowing just two hits and a walk. While he wasn't the dominant pitcher we saw most of the first half, he kept a powerful AL lineup off balance.

-National League. For the first time since the All-Star Game actually meant something, the Senior Circuit will hold home-field advantage for the Fall Classic. This is an enormous boost for whoever wins the Pennant. (see: Rockies)

-Ty Lawson and the Denver Nuggets. Even though Summer League means less than basically any other major preseason, it's good to see the boys in powder blue absolutely dominate lesser opponents. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come with JR Smith, Lawson, and (maybe) Coby Karl.

Level Ground

-As reported here last night, the Denver Nuggets signed free agent power forward Al Harrington. Though he cost more than originally offered to other free agents like Udonis Haslem, Harrington should fit in well with the uptempo offense and quality offensive support cast in Denver. Too bad the Miami Heat have squeezed the free agent market to the point that teams like Denver and Dallas, who are already contenders, have to overpay for quality free agent pieces. It's a decent signing but one that was more expensive than the Nuggets' front office would like to pay.


-Watching Charlie Manuel "manage" the National League roster last night was an exercise in insanity. Hopefully, that is the last time we'll ever be forced to witness such horrors.

-July 14. This is the only calendar day of the year where no major sporting event has been scheduled. At least there's only one way to go from here...