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NBA Summer League Means Nothing, But...

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If you have been reading the updates posted on here, you will know that the Denver Nuggets have been absolutely wiping the floor with the competition in Las Vegas this year. Going into today’s game against the Chicago Bulls, they were 3-0 and Ty Lawson was looking primed for a solid sophomore season.


With players such as Laurence Ekperigin and Dontaye Draper on the summer squad, this gives no indication as to the talent level of the actual Nuggets team. But if you were checking the game currently being played in Vegas, you’ll see the Nuggets were up 89-52 with six minutes left in the game.


At the very least, Ty Lawson continues his rampage with another 18 points, 4 assists and a glowing +23 in the boxscore. Even though summer league means nothing, utter dominance like this has to mean something, right?


UPDATE: Nuggets prevail 99-71 over the Bulls. They are now 4-0 in Summer League.