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Ubaldo Jimenez Named NL Starter

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In the ALl-Star Press Conference, Colorado Rockies' ace Ubaldo Jimenez was named the starter for the National League, the first ever Rockies' pitcher given that honor.

Jimenez, 15-1 with a 2.20 ERA, was selected to his first ever All-Star game after becoming the first pitcher since David Wells in 2000 with 15 wins before the All-Star break. Though several recent outings have raised his ERA to a still dominant 2.20, fifth in the league, there were concerns that Florida RHP Josh Johnson may get the starting nod in the all star game.

Jimenez was one of two Colorado Rockies selected as All-Stars, but Troy Tulowitzki is still recovering from a broken wrist and will not be available to play.

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