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Could Carmelo Join Another "Big Three"?

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Earlier today, Andrew Sharp at SBNation posted an article that suggests Carmelo may already be considering joining up with Chris Paul and Amar’e Stoudemire in New York, forming a “Second Triumvirate” along with the Miami Heat’s new supergroup.


So is this a cause for concern? Are supergroups back in vogue? Personally, I see this as a friendly statement one gives at a good friend’s wedding, a show of support and brotherly love. Chris Paul was simply making a statement about unions, commitment, love and…basketball.


Though if it is something more, the Knicks certainly have the resources available to make it happen if Anthony & Co. have the drive. With only a 3-year extension on the table right now, who knows what happens in the next year if the Nuggets roster doesn’t improve to championship calilber like Carmelo has asked? The New York lights, playing with two of his best friends in The Garden, may prove too bright for Denver to overcome…


Let’s all cross our fingers this is a bad Best Man’s joke.