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Rockies Have Success, So Cheating Is The First Accusation

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Success breeds contempt. Also cheating accusations. See, until recently the Rockies had been in fourth place in the NL West and looking up at three other teams. In particular, the Giants were one of those teams. But, it turns out, the Rockies are actually a pretty good baseball team that can string along a number of victories. The Rockies are currently second in the NL West, a game behind the Padres for first place, and leading the Wild Card.

Give the Rockies the credit they are due, right? Not if you are Jon Miller. As Troy Renck of the Denver Post reports, the Giants broadcaster went on the radio and recently accused the Rockies of cheating:

"There's a feeling that the Rockies are doing something with the humidor-stored baseball, and sometimes late in games when the Rockies need help, that some non-humidor baseballs slip into the mix," Miller said. "Nobody has been able to prove it. . . . But to me it's something that baseball needs to address."

This coming from a guy who covered Barry Bonds for years. Spare me.

Look, Jon Miller, if you're going to accuse the Rockies of cheating but have no proof of it, don't say anything. Do your own investigating. Once you do that, bring your findings to Major League Baseball and then have them do their investigation. But until you do, shut up.

John Quincy Adams once said, "Do not go abroad looking for monsters to destroy." This is good advice for Jon Miller and others seeking to attack the humidor. The problem with your team isn't outside, it's internal. If your team loses to the Rockies it's because your team lacks something to overcome the Rockies. Oh, and it's also because the Rockies are that legitimately good.