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That's More Like It, Buffaloes Receive Verbal From Colorado Quarterback Brock Berglund

Just a few days ago, we watched Dan Hawkins let yet another Colorado recruit leave our borders for another university, this time to former CU coach Rick Neuheisal and the UCLA Bruins. After starting strong and keeping kids like defensive end Nick Kasa to stay home and attend the states flagship school, Hawkins hasn't had much luck of late, losing the entire Colorado top ten in the 2010 class.


Well, it didn't take long to even this season's score as the Buffaloes received a verbal commitment today from Valor Christian Quarterback Brock Berglund. Berglund, of Highlands Ranch, chose Colorado over UCLA, Utah, Kansas and Kansas State. Most thought that he would be heading west to Westwood as well. rates Berglund, a three-star recruit, as the No. 13 dual-threat quarterback in the 2011 class.


Just when we thought Hawkins couldn't possibly be any worse, he goes and does something like this... and totally redeems himself! Well not totally, but it's a start...


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