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ESPN The Magazine's Ultimate Rankings: How Does Denver Stack Up?

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ESPN The Magazine recently released its eighth annual Ultimate Team Rankings for the four major professional sports. ESPN The Mag uses eight categories to measure each team. Some of the categories include fan relations, ownership, coaching, and how many titles each franchise has won during the lives of current fans.

How did the Denver teams fare?

Rockies 13
Avalanche 35
Nuggets 53
Broncos 80

A look at how these rankings came about after the jump.

The Rockies receive high marks for affordability, stadium experience, and players. Coaching, bang for buck (wins in relationship to revenue), and coaching receive fairly high marks, though right around the top 25 of teams. The Rockies have lower marks with ownership and championships, mostly due to the former not spending the big bucks on bringing in "name" players and the latter being elusive for every team except four each year.

The Avalanche and Nuggets stay in the top half of pro sports teams, but the Broncos have really fallen according to this system. The wins aren't commensurate with revenue, fan relations haven fallen, and in seven of the eight categories the Broncos are outside of the top 50. The Broncos receive high marks for championships, having won back-to-back Super Bowls in the 1990s, but it has been over a decade since the team even played in Super Bowl. Tim Tebow certainly will help the Broncos in these rankings over the coming years.

Check out the full Denver rankings here.