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Welcome To SB Nation Denver!

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Welcome to SB Nation, Denverites and non-Denverites! I am Russ Oates, whom many of you checking in today know from Purple Row, SB Nation's Colorado Rockies blog. SB Nation Denver will be your regional hub to explore the ins-and-outs of the Denver sports scene. Want to know when Troy Tulowitzki is coming back from his injury? Find out here. Will Carmelo Anthony sign an extension with Denver this offseason? Find out SB Nation Denver's take. When will Tim Tebow be the starting quarterback for the Broncos? Yep, we'll have that covered as well.

But SB Nation Denver will also serve as a transit point to all SB Nation Colorado team blogs for deep coverage on every story. Purple RowMile High ReportDenver StiffsMile High Hockey, and The Ralphie Report will all still provide in-depth coverage of the stories that matter most to you. In fact, most of SB Nation Denver is comprised of writers from those blogs. Find out their initial thoughts here and then jump into the hardcore discussion on the individual sites.

We'll also provide coverage on the Air Force Academy and Colorado State. One other goal is to develop coverage of teams such as the Colorado Mammoth and the Colorado Rapids. Lacrosse and soccer (football for any of our European readers out there, and there may be one) should be a growing part of the Denver sports scene.

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You are reading this entry in the Mile High Buzz section of SB Nation Denver. Mile High Buzz is the blog portion of the site where you will receive stories about interesting facts, quotes, photos, videos, or short commentaries by the SB Nation Denver staff. Peaks & Valleys will be your daily morning recap in Denver sports. Who won, who lost, who improved his chances of making the team, and what's happening this day will set the stage for the rest of the day.

We'll have weekly features and something new: StorySteams. StoryStreams will be a new way to follow a developing story. Say rumors are floating around about the Rockies trading for pitcher X. You'll find a new StoryStream reporting those rumors. A little while later names involved in a potential deal come up. On that same page, an update linking to the article will appear. All the news on the same story will appear in one centralized StoryStream; you won't need to go to multiple locations to get all the news. 

That's it for now. I'm visiting the city of Denver today, so I hope to see many of you at the SB Nation Denver launch at the Blake Street Tavern tonight, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.