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Woody Paige Continues Outlandish Trade Talks To Drive Discussion

Woody Paige usually knows what he's talking about when it comes to the Denver Broncos. But the Colorado Rockies? Not so much. In his latest column, Paige offers nine or so suggestions as to what the team should do. A few of the make sense: release Jason Giambi, try Brad Hawpe at first base, bat Carlos Gonzalez at third, and his proposed starting rotation. But most of the others are either outlandish, too general, or both.


Promote Brad Eldred to be a lefty pinch-hitter? Probably just as bad as Giambi given how much Eldred swings and misses. Trade Chris Iannetta for a young first baseman? Who's going to give up a young first baseman for a catcher who has underperformed and barely gets any playing time? Pickup the recently released Cory Sullivan and promote Kaz Matsui? Guarantee me a repeat of Rocktember and Rocktober 2007 and then we can discuss this.


But then it's Woody Paige's job to make outlandish proposals in order to drive the discussion. Whether he knows his stuff isn't the question, it's if he's doing the right things to provoke discussion.