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Colorado Rockies' Kyle Parker Suffers Broken Ribs In Meineke Car Care Bowl

The Colorado Rockies witnessed today exactly what they didn't want to see happen to outfield prospect Kyle Parker: receive an injury while playing football for the Clemson Tigers. In today's Meineke Car Care Bowl, Parker cracked a rib on a play near the goal line. He was 11-of-17 for 134 yards and an interception before leaving the game.

While this injury has occurred early enough for Parker to recover in time for the start of the upcoming season, it is also indicative of why the Rockies wanted Parker to sign a baseball-only deal in July. Parker passed on that and accepted $1.4 million to play football this past fall. The Rockies had held their collective breath back in September when Parker suffered a nasty hit to the back.

Parker has until Jan. 15 to inform the Rockies if he will play another season of college football. Should Parker elect to do so, he will forfeit portions of his signing bonus. However, the speculation has been that Parker will commit fully to the Rockies.