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Report: Broncos' Elvis Dumervil Cited For Assault In October Fox 31 is reporting that Denver Broncos linebacker Elvis Dumervil was cited for assault on Oct. 24 following his team's 59-14 loss to the Oakland Raiders. The records obtained by Fox 31 show that Dumervil was also cited for disturbing the peace. The incident, it appears, happened with an Invesco parking attendant.

The Denver Post reports that the occurrence took place at a gate entrance when Dumervil failed to have the proper identification. Charges were filed three days later. Dumervil was arraigned on Dec. 7 and will have another court appearance in January.

The court records indicate that Dumervil has a history of traffic violations over the last four years.

Dumervil, who has not played at all this season following a pectoral injury, joins D.J. Williams (DUI), Perrish Cox (possible sexual assault) and Kevin Alexander (domestic dispute) to have a run-in with the law. Alexander was released by the Broncos on Monday, the same day he was arrested, to make room for cornerback Chevis Jackson.