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NFL Power Rankings Week 16: Denver Broncos, Worst Team In The League?

Following the Denver's 39-23 loss to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday afternoon, the Broncos likely secured another week at No. 32 in the NFL Power Rankings. In SB Nation's week 15 rankings, the Broncos were No. 32, so this isn't new territory for them.

Of all the teams with four or fewer wins that ranked above the Broncos, only the Arizona Cardinals lost this weekend. The Carolina Panthers improved to 2-12 after defeating those Cardinals (4-10). The Cincinnati Bengals escaped with a 19-17 victory over the Cleveland Browns to win their third game of the season. The Detroit Lions moved to 4-10 after needing overtime to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Buffalo Bills, who had zero wins in the middle of November, also won their fourth game.

The Washington Redskins might drop several spots in this week's rankings given the whole Donovan McNabb/Rex Grossman situation and the loss on Sunday, but there's no competition between the Broncos and any other team for the bottom spot.

The New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, who clinched a playoff berth with their victory over Seattle, both improved to 12-2. The Patriots had to fight until the clock reached zero before pulling out the 31-27 victory, which could lead some rankings to flip the two teams.