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Denver Broncos Head Coaching Search: Broncos Interested In Falcons' Mike Mularkey?

The Denver Broncos have not yet begun to search for a new head coach, at least not publicly. Chief Operating Officer Joe Ellis stared as much during his Dec. 7 press conference, but there are reports that the Broncos are already interested in several coaches. One is former Broncos coordinator and current Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak.

Now add Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey to the list. Apparently, Mularkey was named as a possible candidate for the Broncos' position on ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown. He would be interested in being a head coach again:

"I would like the opportunity again," Mularkey said. "I would, if it ever presents itself."

Mularkey was the Buffalo Bills head coach from 2004-2005. The Bills went 9-7 and 5-11, finishing third in the AFC East for both seasons. Before that he had coached with the Pittsburgh Steelers for eight seasons, the last three as the offensive coordinator. After leaving Buffalo, Mularkey spent two seasons with the Miami Dolphins before becoming Atlanta's offensive coordinator. In his third season as the offensive coordinator, Mularkey has worked well with young quarterback Matt Ryan.

SB Nation Atlanta believes a Mularkey hire would be beneficial to Tim Tebow's development due to his experience in Atlanta with Ryan.

The Broncos have not yet contacted Mularkey because they would be in violation of league rules.