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2010 Heisman Trophy: Cam Newton Is Your (Likely) Winner

The Heisman trophy will be announced tonight at 8 p.m. (ET) on ESPN and the winner looks to be Auburn's Cam Newton. Newton winning the award is not going to shock anyone, but the amount he is projected to win by is looking to be one of the widest margins in the awards illustrious 76-year history. According to the very scientific scour to find who voted for who from the Heisman voters--they project Cam Newton to be the winner and perhaps with the fourth or fifth widest margin ever. Here is how they project the top four will finish out, the site has ballots from 211 Heisman voters.

                                 Screen_shot_2010-12-11_at_2 also has the list of others who so far have received a first place vote. Those would be Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson, who acquired at least three first place votes, Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon with one and Stanford fullback/linebacker Owen Marecic also received at least one first place vote.

The most bizarre ballot belongs to AOL Fanhouse's David Whitley who voted his top three in this order: Stanford's LB/FB Owen Marecic, Colorado OL Nate Solder and Texas DE Sam Acho. Not sure if he is making a statement vote or if he really thinks those are the three most outstanding college football players this year.

Last year's Heisman vote was the closest ever with Alabama's Mark Ingram winning by just one percent over Stanford's Toby Gerhart, but this year's will be a blowout. The only excitement tonight will be how big the final margin turns out to be.