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NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: Denver Broncos Continue To Fall

The Denver Broncos should be at or near the bottom of most NFL Power Rankings this week after losing to the St. Louis Rams, 36-33, on Sunday. However, the team should be given credit for making it a close game in the fourth quarter. While ultimately Kyle Orton failed on the game's final drive, it was the defense that never showed up for the game.

In SB Nation Atlanta's Unbiased Power Rankings, the Denver Broncos managed to stay in Tier IV with a 106.1 rating at No. 26. Remember, these rankings are determined through a combination of a team's wins, losses and strength of schedule. There is a 13.4-point gap between the Broncos and the No. 27 Minnesota Vikings. However, there is a 40-point gap that would need to be closed for the Broncos to enter Tier V, which could happen if the Broncos don't win another game.

The St. Louis Rams moved to No. 23, the first spot in Tier IV, and could make the jump to Tier III if they aren't playing over their heads right now.

While the Denver Broncos remain the lowest-ranked AFC West team, the Kansas City Chiefs moved into Tier II after their victory over the Seattle Seahawks. The San Diego Chargers are also making a run up in the power rankings after defeating the Indianapolis Colts, though they stayed in tier III with the Oakland Raiders. But with the Raiders losing to the Miami Dolphins the Chargers are clearly positioned as the second-best team in the AFC West for now.