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Colorado Rapids Vs. FC Dallas In Toronto, It's Time For The MLS Cup.

It's the final day of the MLS Season and surprisingly, the last two men standing as it were are FC Dallas and our Colorado Rapids, two teams relegated by many to the bottom tiers of the league before the season's start. Thanks to great defense, goaltending and surpringly firey offenses from both squads, they will play tonight at 6:30 MT for the top prize in MLS.

Conor Casey and Omar Cummings will obviously be the story for Colorado, the "two headed monster" up top at striker for them managed to score 27 goals between them this season. On the other end, David Ferreira won the league's MVP award after a magnificent season in Central Midfield. Kevin Hartman will start in goal for Dallas, trying to play the same X-factor role that he played in the Real Salt Lake series, where he single-handedly helped his squad upset the former champions of MLS.

Dallas and Colorado know each other quite well thanks to a gang of trades. Former Colorado Rapids defender Ugo Ihelmu plays for Dallas now, while Colorado has two former Dallas players in Drew Moor and Anthony Wallace. Striker Jeff Cunningham used to play for the Rapids as well.

Dallas has never beat the Rapids in the playoffs, going all the way back to 1997 when they defeated the then Dallas Burn in order to clinch their first and up until this point only spot in the MLS Cup final. Go Rapids!