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NFL Week 9: Denver Broncos Bye Week

While the Denver Broncos are off this week, the AFC West will still be very active on Sunday. Here are the current standings on the AFC West:

AFC West Standings

Kansas City 5 2 0 163 122
Oakland 4 4 0 212 168
San Diego 3 5 0 210 174
Denver 2 6 0 154 223

(updated 11.2.2010 at 4:13 AM EDT)

The AFC West-leading Kansas City Chiefs travel to Oakland for a game at 4:15 p.m. ET against the Raiders. The Chiefs have the top running game in the league, averaging 190.4 yards per game. The Raiders' rushing defense is ranked 26th, allowing 127.4 yards per game. However, the Chiefs have the worst passing offense in the league, while the Raiders have the fourth best. The Chiefs will need to grind the ball to beat the Raiders.

The San Diego Chargers visit the Houston Texans this weekend. The Texans are third in the AFC South with a 4-3 record. Philip Rivers leads the top-ranked passing offense in the league against the worst passing defense in the league.