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Denver Broncos End Contract Negotiations With Champ Bailey

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Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey is playing out the final year of his contract, but only a few weeks ago it looked as though he would sign an extension. However, the Broncos ended negotiations over an extension, the Denver Post reports.

While Bailey believed the contract could have been better, he was willing to accept it:

"I am disappointed, because I want to be here," Bailey said. "We know that, they know that. What's the issue here, really?"

Does this mean the end of Champ Bailey's time with Denver after this season? There's always the franchise tag, but the Post mentions that the number is likely over $10 million. Will the Broncos want to commit to that with a possible work stoppage? This will also not work in the favor of Josh McDaniels, who has already moved several fan-favorite Broncos.