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Weekend Stay Inside And Watch Sports Guide - Rapids Wrapping Up The Season, Nuggets About To Get Started

It's getting cold and it's not yet ski season. May as well stay inside and watch sports!

All times Mountain.


Nuggets at Suns: No TV, 8:00 PM -- This isn't on TV, but I still included it to highlight that this is the last preseason game of the season. The real games start on Wednesday. Hooray!


Colorado State at Utah: The Mtn, 4:00 PM -- Two of our Colorado college football teams take on undefeated conference members this weekend. If somehow the Rams and Falcons both pull off the upsets then a lot of people around the country will be talking about our fine state. Unfortunately we live in a cruel, cruel place called reality and there is a pretty decent chance that we may not have a whole lot of football success on Saturday.

Texas Tech at Colorado: No TV, 5:00 PM -- "Wait a second, this is supposed to be a TV guide and you have now included two games that aren't on TV??" Yea, well, so what? I do what I want. However, this game is in Boulder and the Buffs are selling tickets for $15. It should be a great game so I hereby give you permission to get off your couch for a few hours to get out and support the Buffaloes.

Air Force at TCU: CBS College Sports, 6:00 PM -- The Falcons have the right kind of ball control offense to keep the high-powered Horned Frog attack off of the field if they can have some success moving the ball. Unfortunately, TCU has one hell of a defense as well and they have apparently been preparing for the triple option since the offseason.

Real Salt Lake at Colorado Rapids: KWGN Ch.2, 7:00 PM -- The last game of the 2010 regular season comes at home against the hated squad from Utah. A win on Saturday would be a great way to send the boys into the playoffs.

Kings at Avalanche: Altitude, 7:00 PM -- The Avalanche host the second straight team from California when the Kings come to town on Saturday night. Hopefully the Avs have more success against L.A. than they did against the Sharks.


Raiders at Broncos: CBS, 2:15 PM -- Oakland comes to town with zero ideas (or options really) of who will start at quarterback on Sunday. Even though the Broncos defense is still banged up, this is the game to get a strong win and start building some momentum for the second half of the season.