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Denver Broncos' Josh McDaniels To 'Tinker' With Tim Tebow Formation

During Monday's press conference, Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels discussed doing more with the Tim Tebow formation:

McDaniels on Tim Tebow's formation: "We certainly can throw the ball with him out of it." "We'll probably continue to tinker with it." #fbless than a minute ago via web



McDaniels cont'd. -- "We've got to try to find a way to be creative and see how far we can take it and continue to make it productive." #fbless than a minute ago via web


Does this mean that Tim Tebow will soon throw an NFL pass? During Sunday's game against the Jets, Tebow appeared multiple times in the shotgun formation and rushed five yards for his first NFL touchdown. If all the Broncos are going to do with Tebow is use him as a rusher, teams won't need to drop players into secondary to look for the pass.

There's no reason not to have Tebow attempt a throw. He needs to have one sooner rather than later.