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Colorado Rockies Announce Carney Lansford As New Hitting Coach; Don Baylor Offered Special Assistant Position

The Colorado Rockies announced Carney Lansford as the team's hitting coach today, leaving Don Baylor without a job at the moment:

The Rockies have named Carney Lansford their new hitting coach, replacing Don Baylor, who was offered a position as a special assistant with the organization, the team announced today.

Baylor has not announced if he will accept the position.

Don Baylor is a candidate for the managerial position with the Toronto Blue Jays. Baylor came under much criticism this season for the failure of many key players on offense, be it from the players' approaches at the plate to failing to teach them new techniques. With Baylor openly discussing a future as a manager during the regular season, it now seems all too clear that the Rockies would replace him this offseason.