Week 2 NFL Power Rankings: Denver Broncos Among Worst Teams In League

The Denver Broncos are tilting their neck back to look up the latest NFL power rankings.

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NFL Power Rankings 2011 Week 2: CBS Sports Keeps With The Tim Tebow Meme

It's safe to say, in NFL power rankings or anywhere else, that the Denver Broncos are a bottom-of-the-league team. No matter how one slices and dices it, the Broncos are 0-1 and they need to correct that. But if one looks at CBS Sports' NFL power rankings, one loss won't send a team plummeting down the rankings (see Atlanta and Pittsburgh). For the Broncos, their one loss keeps them in the bottom of the rankings, as every set of them should. They are No. 29 in CBS Sports' and the blurb for them is likely to become oft-repeated:

Would Tim Tebow have fumbled at a crucial point as Kyle Orton did against the Raiders? You think that line was repeated at times. Looks like the Broncos are in for a long season.

Always playing the "what if?" card. Eventually, if this season is a long one, head coach John Fox will need to turn that card in and see what is. However, quarterback is not the biggest issue with this team. The run defense still needs to fix things, injuries need to be avoided and the running game needs to find traction.

But, as Pete Prisco writes in his introduction to the rankings, there's still 15 weeks to go. Now is not the time to lose hope in the Broncos' season.

Visit SB Nation's 2011 NFL Power Rankings here.


2011 NFL Power Rankings Week 2: ESPN Kinder To Denver Broncos

While the Denver Broncos dropped to No. 32 in SB Nation's latest NFL power rankings (hey, Joel Thorman is a Chiefs fan, after all), ESPN only dropped the Broncos one spot to No. 28 in their Week 2 rankings. According to the blurb:

Nothing worse than losing a wrestling match with the rival Raiders. Turnovers were no way to start.

Any time the Broncos lose to the Raiders it stings. But to be in a season opener during the start of a new coaching era? Even worse. It probably makes the players angrier than after last year's 59-14 loss.

Who are the Broncos ahead of at this point? The Carolina Panthers come in at No. 29, mostly due to the astonishing performance of rookie Cam Newton, who threw for over 400 yards. The Bengals, despite winning over the Browns, are next, and they will face the Broncos this Sunday. The Seahawks dropped six spots to No. 31 following their 33-17 loss to the $9ers. Ted Ginn returned a kickoff and a punt within a minute of each other at the end of the game. And at No. 32 are the Cleveland Browns, a dark horse candidate by some entering the season.

I probably would have had the Colts somewhere in the bottom five teams.


Week 2 NFL Power Rankings: Denver Broncos Hit Rock Bottom

The Denver Broncos drop all the way to the bottom in SB Nation's latest NFL power rankings. They lost to the Oakland Raiders on Monday night, 23-20.

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