ORCHARD PARK, NY - DECEMBER 24: Fans of Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos spell out his name at Ralph Wilson Stadium on December 24, 2011 in Orchard Park, New York. Buffalo won 40-14. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

NFL Power Rankings Week 17: Denver Broncos Slip After Loss To Buffalo Bills

The Denver Broncos have dropped a couple of spots in the Week 17 NFL power rankings.

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Week 17 NFL Power Rankings: RealClearSports' Power Ranking Averages Move Denver Broncos To No. 13

The Denver Broncos remain a top 15 team in the Week 17 NFL power rankings, but only barely. A loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on New Year's Day will surely drop them out of the top 15, especially if the Oakland Raiders win and head to the playoffs as the AFC West champion. But for this week, RealClearSports' Power Ranking Averages has moved the Broncos to the No. 13 team this week. That's a three-spot drop from last week's No. 10 position.

The team's actual average came out to be 13.14 since there was very little variance this week. Fox Sports had the outlier this week by moving the Broncos to No. 11. Three other rankings had the Broncos at No. 13 and the remaining three moved the Broncos to No. 14 (the Sporting News did not have its rankings out for this calculation).

The Raiders come in at No. 16, though the actual average is 15.29. The Philadelphia Eagles force the Raiders out of the No. 15 spot since its average was a straight 15. Will we see the Raiders leap the Broncos next week?

Stay tuned to SB Nation Denver for more information, and for in-depth analysis on the Denver Broncos be sure to visit Mile High Report. Visit SB Nation NFL for more news and notes around the league.


Week 17 NFL Power Rankings: SB Nation Drops Denver Broncos To No. 14

Another week, another loss and another drop in the NFL power rankings for the Denver Broncos. In SB Nation's Week 17 NFL Power Rankings, the Broncos fell four spots from No. 10 to No. 14:

14. Denver Broncos (8-7, LW: 10): After all the Tim Tebow hoopla, the Broncos have been beat up in two straight weeks. The real test comes this weekend when the Broncos just have to beat the Chiefs to clinch the division title.

And can you just imagine what will happen if Tebow and the Broncos lose what is essentially a playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs on New Year's Day? Tebow is probably going to be blamed in some form or fashion if that happens. The quarterback usually takes the blame for those types of things. Now, if it's another four interception game for Tebow that is another matter.

But even the four-game drop by the Broncos has them as the highest AFC West team. The Oakland Raiders come in right behind them at No. 15 and a chance at the playoffs. That is, as long as they defeat the San Diego Chargers and also see the Broncos lose to the Chiefs. Realistically, it's not far-fetched for that to happen.

For more on the Denver Broncos, visit Mile High Report. To stay up to date on the latest around the league, visit SB Nation NFL.

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