Top Five Sporting Events In Denver During April

With the Rockies, Nuggets and Rapids, you can take in some good games in Denver during April.

April might be the best month of the year in Colorado. There are still snow capped mountains to ski down while at lower elevations the Frisbees and backyard games start to come out of hibernation.

But it isn't just individual sports that should garner the most attention this month. In Denver we have to look forward to both NBA Playoffs and MLB Opening Day! (Most years we could add NHL Playoffs to the mix, but well, not so much this year)

So without further ado, when you're not skiing the slopes in Vail or playing hacky sack with your friends in Boulder, here are the sporting events you need to go to.

5. Denver Nuggets vs. Golden State Warriors - Monday, April 11
This is your last chance to see the Nuggets before they head into the playoffs. And usually games this late have an NBA playoff feel, and can usually be had at a fraction of the price from scalpers or friends compared to playoff tickets. So even though Godlen State is anything but an NBA playoff caliber team, the game will have the NBA Playoff feeling and simply get you pumped for the next Hopefully) couple of months.

4. Colorado Rapids vs. Chicago Fire - Saturday, April 30
The defending MLS Cup champion Rapids have started out the new MLS season 2-0 as they hit the first full month of the regular season. Chicago is also playing great soccer through March, so, while early, this match-up pits two of the better teams in the MLS's early season.

3. Colorado Rockies vs. San Francisco Giants - April 18-20
The Giants make their first appearance at Coors Field since being crowned World Series champs on November 1. Whichever game you go to, you are bound to see some phenomenal pitching, but keep an eye out as the announce the rotations and try and get outif two-time Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum takes the mound.

2. Colorado Rockies vs. Chicago Cubs - April 15-17
In years past, Cubs fans have descended upon Coors Field and turned the ballpark into Wrigley Field West... but not any longer. Now that the Rockies have been fielding winning ball clubs for the past several seasons you hear less and less "Let's Go Cubs" chants and more and more "TULO" cries. And seeing that this is a weekend affair, I expect far more purple than blue and red in the stands.

1. Colorado Rockies vs. Arizona Diamondbacks - OPENING DAY, April 1
This isn't an April's Fools joke... BASEBALL IS BACK! If Rockies fans have their way, from now until November you can take refuge at Coors Field and smell the familiar aromas off fresh cut grass, hot dogs and popcorn wafting through Lodo. With Carlos Gonzalez, Troy Tulowitzki, Todd Helton and Ubaldo Jimenez leading the charge, there isn't reason to believe the Rockies can't be playing postseason ball, and to get there it all begins today!

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