Dan Lucero

Rockies Contributor

I'm a Colorado native, and die-hard sports fan, with the Rockies serving as my foremost obsession since their inception. When it's not baseball season, I'll watch literally every other sport with rabid interest, but I never stop counting the days until spring training. I currently reside in west central Nebraska, where I do play-by-play of local high school and community college athletics.


Walt Weiss heads into the unknown

Walt Weiss was a decent ballplayer, more renowned for smarts than stats. As the sixth manager in Rockies history, he faces a challenge unlike any of the previous five. Can Weiss' baseball IQ...

Jim Tracy bids adieu to the Rockies

After having an indefinite handshake agreement to stay with the Colorado Rockies as long as he desired, Jim Tracy has stepped down as the club's manager.

Catching Up With Project 5183: How Dan O'Dowd's Pitching Scheme Just Might Work

Dan O'Dowd's Project 5183 was much maligned when it came to light earlier this season, but it's far too early to come to any sound conclusions on it.

Lost Season, Lack of Direction Must Signal End For Dan O'Dowd, Jim Tracy


Under the leadership of general manager Dan O'Dowd and manager Jim Tracy, the Colorado Rockies are adrift with no bearing on where the future is. It's time for them to go.

Learning To Live With Dan O'Dowd's Confounding 'Project 5,183'


Dan O'Dowd's 'Project 5,183' might just turn contemporary pitching staffs on their heads, or maybe explode in his face. We'll need to wait and see.

Jim And Dan's Last Stand: Can This Duo Survive The Rockies' Latest Debacles?


The Colorado Rockies still have 120-plus games left to play in a season gone horrible, but it remains to be seen whether general manager Dan O'Dowd and manager Jim Tracy will make it to the end.

Reasons For Optimism As Rockies Take The Field


While hopes don't run as high on Opening Day for the Colorado Rockies in 2012 as they did in 2011, there's still the promise of something better than in years past.

The Real Betrayal In the Ubaldo Jimenez Trade


The narrative of Colorado's trade of pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez has changed from one that questioned the team's move to now pondering why the pitcher felt disrespected enough that he wanted to be traded.

The 2012 Colorado Rockies: Good Enough To Dream On


The Colorado Rockies aren't anyone's favorite to win the NL West this season, but the hope of Spring Training will certainly inspire dreams of victory in many fans.

Jamie Moyer Signing No Joke - How The Ancient Southpaw Can Help The Rockies


Even if Jamie Moyer is getting nothing more than a bone thrown in his direction by the Colorado Rockies, his years of pitching and veteran-ness can surely help the team's staple of young pitchers...

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